Food Sensitivity Testing: The NH Team Shares Their Results!


Recently, a few members of the Nutritional Healing team took a leap and participated in food sensitivity testing! When you have your food sensitivities tested through Nutritional Healing, your blood will be tested against a large number of different foods and food groups, and you will receive a full report that details which foods are causing your body discomfort. These sensitivities are broken down into ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, and ‘severe’ sensitivities depending on how strongly your body reacts to each. Reducing or eliminating the foods that your body is sensitive to can have a big impact on your health and your overall feeling of wellness. Now that a few of our staff members have gone through the testing process, they’re here to share their experiences and how their diet (and life!) has changed.

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In case you missed our Facebook announcement, I, Kerry Evers, have retested my food sensitivities! Since I first saw my results three weeks ago I have been working to change my diet and continue my health journey of healing my digestive system! So far it has been an exciting journey! Since my last test in September 2013 I have made some GREAT progress! My current list is about one-third of what it was previously, and 90% of the foods that are still an issue have progressed from a severe or a moderate sensitivity down to a mild sensitivity! It is amazing to see the progress I have made in my own health over the last few years! I have also learned that being forced to change your diet and try new foods can actually be very fun and exciting if you have the right mindset! I have made it a goal to try every food on my green list in order to broaden my horizons and make the most out of avoiding some of my favorite foods for awhile… who knows, maybe I will find some new favorites! The first three weeks have been pretty smooth with a few hiccups here and there, but now I have settled into a new routine and I am already feeling so much better! I feel less bloated, my skin is better, and I have more energy – not bad for a few weeks of simply following my test results!

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Here are some of the things I have learned on my food sensitivity journey so far!

  1. Cutting out sugar is not an easy feat! It’s been 19 days since I committed to ALCAT and did away with sugar because of the Candida. Hidden sugars are found everywhere, it seems! I like finding healthy alternatives that still feel like a treat without the sugars! Trying to control my Candida has definitely caused food cravings and mood shifts, so I have committed to a lifestyle change to deal with these symptoms. One of the things I have changed is the amount of walking I do each day. I strive for 10,000 steps per day, no matter what it takes. This movement is very important to alleviate those symptoms but also helps to keep the detox process moving. 
  2. Menu planning and food prepping are a must! I have found that if I want to be successful I must menu plan and food prep. I have made it part of my weekly routine to help the next week go smoothly. Thursday nights I menu plan according to my list and try to find new recipes or new foods to try. After menu planning, I make a grocery list so that grocery shopping is easy on Friday. Then on Sunday I prep my meals and snacks for the week! Menu planning and food prepping do take time but in the long run, it saves time and gives me peace of mind.
  3. Keep it fun! One challenge is that most social activities revolve around food or eating out, however they don’t have to!  It is so fun finding activities to do with friends that have nothing to do with food. Last weekend I went ice skating and then hung out at a coffee shop playing games and chatting. I also had a game night with a couple friends where we played a wide variety of games from board games to video games. Other things I intend to do with friends are visiting other local coffee shops, doing fun runs/5ks/10ks/half marathon/full marathons, going to a hockey game and going to The Fire (a local pottery, mosaic, glass fusing studio) just to name a few!



Getting my food sensitivity results was an eye opening experience! Things I ate every day were on my intolerant list. Typically for dinner I would have a chicken dish cooked in olive oil – it was my staple meal! However, both chicken AND olive oil were sensitivities for me! So I switched to using coconut oil and safflower oil, both of which have many other health benefits. Since I usually chose chicken because it is a lean meat, I have started cooking with turkey instead. There are so many recipes you can make using ground turkey! Getting all the recommended veggies was a challenge for me as well. I’ve learned to get creative!

            Since eliminating the foods I’m sensitive to, I feel much better! I’ve noticed that I go to bed easier and wake up rested. My skin is clearing up and my hair is healthy! I have more energy! I use to consume about 400mg of caffeine a day, now I have none! And the best part is – I don’t feel I need it! I have enough energy to make it through my day without a caffeine boost! I’ve also noticed small positive changes in my mood. I feel like I am in an overall better mood!

           Working around your food sensitivitiesI certainly takes a lot of planning and researching, but once you get some recipes down and set aside time to meal prep it is totally doable! And you will be so glad that you did it!

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