Setting a REALsolution this New Year!


Hey everyone, Jessa here! Each January, people start buzzing about what their New Year’s resolution will be. If this is something you do, it is important set smart goals for yourself – REALsolutions. Setting far-reaching or unrealistic goals can set you up for failure, or you can lose sight of the finish line if the goal is too broad. Instead, I would recommend setting lots of little goals throughout the year, which help you to reach a larger goal. Permanent change comes with steady progress and consistent effort, so creating a roadmap for getting there makes all kinds of sense.

There are a few important things to remember when you’re breaking down big-picture goals into manageable action items. First, make your big goal clear and measurable; instead of saying you want to lose weight in the new year, declare an amount of weight you wish to lose, and remember to make it a realistic amount. Once you’ve set a clear weight-loss goal (something that is usually a popular resolution), set your plan into ACTION with research, and begin creating smaller monthly goals. (The trick here is everyone begins from their own place, and requires different actions, so my recommendations here are generalized.) If getting enough water is part of your plan, set a goal to increase your intake by 10 ounces each week. If you need to start exercising more regularly, set a goal to work out a few times a week, and increase the intensity or duration of those workouts each week, rather than immediately increasing the number of days you exercise. If you need to eat a more balanced diet, set a goal to plan your lunches out for the work week, and pack them ahead of time. After the first month, reassess how you did, and adjust your action items accordingly for the upcoming month.

An important piece of making change can be visualizing your goals. Simply writing down your goals, and then detailing your action items can help you stay focused on how you get from here to there. I’ve also found food and exercise logs to be a great aid to keep me mindful of my daily activities. Referencing your goals and action items daily allows you to reflect on how things are going. With each decision you face, it is important to ask yourself, “will this help me reach my goals?” I know it sounds like a big task, and could consume your thoughts, but being conscious of change is the only way it will become a habit.

So, folks, what are your REALsolutions for the new year?! If you need help with your plan, Nutritional Healing is here to help! We offer free consultations to determine the best plan of action, and we are there to support you along the way. Call our offices today to schedule yours!

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I plan to keep my food log, get all my water in, and workout three times a week. After a month, I’ll evaluate and improve my goals!

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