Easy Ways to Stay Active During the Winter


Around this time of year it’s easy to feel cooped up. With the cold temperature and blustery weather, staying inside where it’s warm and cozy tends to trump outdoor activities more often than not! When you’ve got a case of the winter ‘blahs’ it can be hard to drag yourself out for fresh air and exercise, but once you’ve pushed yourself to do it you will be so glad you did! Around here winter lasts a very long time (seems like forever!) so it’s important for both your health and sanity to find some fun excuses to get outside! Here are some easy outdoor activities to get you started!

  • Go for a walk! Whether it’s to a neighbors house or around the block, getting outside and getting moving will make you feel great! Take your dog (or your friends dog!) for a walk, or head out after dark to enjoy a moonlit stroll. Even if you feel cold at first, your body will warm up in no time!


  • Try birdwatching! Take yourself to a nautre center and wander through the woods looking for unique birds! You’ll be amazed how many different varities you’ll see, and their colors look especially vibrant against the white snow! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, bring along a pair of binoculars or a bird book and keep track of how many species you see! jay-548381_1920
  • Make a snowman! If you’re an adult, chances are you haven’t made a snowman by yourself in years! But who says snowmen are just for kids? Packing the snow and rolling snowballs is a great form of exercise! And once you’re done you get to dress your snowman (or snowwoman!) however you like for some added fun! snow-woman-1224043_1920
  • Practice your photography! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just like shooting with your smart phone, winter can be a great time to hone your skills! Choose a unique city, park, or wooded area and see what kind of photo opportunities you can find. Look for different animals, structures, lighting, or people as you walk around. You’ll be amazed how beautiful winter photography can be! photographer-690825_1280
  • Go snowshoeing! If you’re not coordinated enough to try skiing or snowboarding (hey, no judgment!) why not give snowshoeing a try! If you don’t have your own you can rent a pair from a local rec center for a day. It’s a great way to explore new wilderness areas while giving your legs a workout! Jessa from our Brookfield office loves to snowshoe – she says, “If I’m going to live in Wisconsin, I may as well learn to embrace ALL the seasons!” JessaAnnaSnowshoe

No bundle up, get outside, and have some fun!

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