Appointments & Insurance

We’ll Offer Flexibility and Affordability to Meet Your Needs

Appointments on Your Schedule

Since each case is unique, the time spent during an initial visit may vary. Don’t worry – Clients are billed only for the time spent in consultation with the provider and their case management.

After your initial free consultation, follow-up office visits may vary depending on client need and services rendered, with the average length of a consultation being 60 minutes. All clients are seen on an appointment basis only.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consults are available for follow up appointments. Clients are encouraged to call and ask questions to clarify information they’ve received!
However, if you have new questions or concerns that require you to speak with a healthcare provider, you will be asked to come in for a short visit, or you may set up a brief telephone consultation in place of an in-person office visit.

Any call that requires new instructions, case analysis, or treatment recommendations from your healthcare provider will be billed at the same per minute rate as an office visit. A credit card must be provided for this service.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies do not cover nutritional counseling, however many flex plans and health savings accounts do!

Nutritional Healing, LLC does not deal directly with insurance companies. However, we will be happy to provide you with appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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