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How Our Nutritional Science Approach to Low Testosterone for Men is Different

Are you struggling to focus at work or experiencing “brain fog” throughout your day?  Are you fatigued and lacking energy which makes you irritable or even depressed?  Are you noticing a decline in your libido or erectile function? Are you noticing that you are losing muscle tone and gaining stubborn body fat?  If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, you could have low testosterone and should get tested.  At Nutritional Healing, we have unique testing capabilities that will uncover the root causes behind what’s happening.

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When testosterone levels are low and cortisol levels are considerably raised, a man can experience anger, irritability, or even have elevated anxiety levels.  Something is off.  Fortunately, there has been a shift in awareness in men.  Unfortunately, men have been led astray on how to go about getting hormones back in balance.  Injections, the topical cream, pellet therapy…all claim to work.  The question is, why would you want to go this route when you can get your testosterone back in check, naturally?  Call Nutritional Healing to set up a FREE Low T ConsultationLearn how you can get your testosterone back on track without going the bandaid medicine approach. Call (920) HEALING.

Nutritional Healing Approach to Low Testosterone

  • Treat Low Testosterone Symptoms at the Root Cause
  • No Invasive Procedures, Hormone Replacements, or Medications
  • Find Balance Through Our Unique Testing Program
  • Design A Program That Includes Supplementation and a Holistic Approach to Your Health & Wellness
  • Feel Great!

“What wasn’t wrong with me! I was fatigued. Had trouble coming up with words. Gaining weight. Started getting treated for anxiety. I was messed up…including not being able to perform in bed. To be honest, I thought I was just becoming less of a man. What’s funny is I was clueless that men also go through a “menopause” as they mature. Found out it’s called “andropause” for men…or simply put, Low Testosterone.

I did some research and learned how to go about making a change. I didn’t want injections or any other medicine. I wanted something I could do naturally. A friend told me about Nutritional Healing. Went through some testing and learned how to treat my Low T. It’s pretty incredible, after a few weeks I got some life in my step again.

Anyone going through this, do not be embarrassed and do not wait. Nutritional Healing has me on all cylinders. You’ll get there too!”

– Don

Are You Experiencing ED?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for intimate activity. While most frequently seen in 50-65% of males aged 65 and older and nearly all men over the age of 70, erectile dysfunction affects up to 39% of 40-year-old men, too; more than 35 million men total in the United States.

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