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Our Scientific Approach Helps You Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off

Whether You’ve Just Started Your Weight Loss Journey or Are Trying to Lose Those Last Few Pounds…

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…we’ll help you lose weight fast and stay there forever.

How Our Nutritional Science Approach is Different

Our bodies know exactly how to heal themselves – it’s a science. Nutritional Healing can easily explain what it will take to get back to your best health and give you the guidance and support to get there.

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Check out Jerri’s success on losing weight.

Jerri's Journey

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Lynn's Journey

Kris on her weight loss.

Kris's Journey

Costs Less Than Your Medical Bills

Our program works and is so much more affordable than the dollars you spend on eating the wrong diet. It’s time to get your life back.

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Following this simple plan, you will lose weight and feel great:

  • Blood Test
  • Detox and Energy Support
  • Customized Meal Plan Design
  • On Going Support
  • Feel Great!

“The reason I started seeing Kim was my weight. I couldn’t lose weight doing the things I had done in the past. My weight just wasn’t changing in a positive direction. I thought I was eating healthy!?!

Eat more vegetables, eat whole grains, eat smaller meals throughout the day, etc. I had always heard these “diet” helps, but didn’t know how to implement them. I just didn’t know.

Kim helped me set up my menus and got me started and educated on what I should be eating. Along with exercise, which I had always been doing, and Kim’s guidance on my diet I will achieve my weight goal. But more importantly, I will be healthier the rest of my life!!”

– Shel

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The blood test creates a baseline to your health levels. From this test, an individual
plan of weight loss will be developed.



Our detox program is an easy, step by step process that will reset the way your body craves food.



No two clients are the same. That’s why, after you complete detox, there will be a consultation to help you understand your body and your blood work results. Then we create your customized meal plan based on those results.



The Nutritional Science Approach is a not just a weight loss plan, this plan will change your life. You will feel energized, you will eliminate pain, look great, and lose weight.



We are with you every step of the way by encouraging, teaching, providing accountability, and monitoring results for success.  Call for a FREE Health Evaluation (920) HEALING.

You Can Get Your Life Back

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