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Posted on Nov. 3, 2023 by The Nutritional Healing Team

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Mill City Public House Edition

Mill City Public House’s Head Chef James Dudley and Co-owner/General Manager Rusty Leary sure have a fantastic restaurant going in Appleton. From the moment you walk in the door, you can tell it’s going to be a good time as you are met by a tiny statue of Boss Ross and a jackelope staring down at you from the check-in station!

Once you walk into the dining and bar area, you can tell you’re in for a warm, inviting, and friendly experience from the staff. The rooms are designed with beautiful leather, wood, and brass. This is definitely a place where you’ll be comfortable hanging out for a while.

Both Dudley and Leary have past experience in fine dining which elevates this hometown burger bar to a new level for our community. The menu respects high-quality ingredients that result in wagyu beef smash burgers, cheese, and charcuterie plus a myriad of fun options for snacks, appetizers, and salads. They have a farm-to-plate sourcing model, and their belief is that the best food comes from the best produce and the happiest animals.

Nutritionists Kimberly and Erin had the pleasure of working with our waiter Alex who gave us menu suggestions and highlighted features of our lunch choices. We ordered the crispy ‘Brussels sprouts’ (without bacon), the ‘Tomato Basil Soup,’ and ‘Roasted Beets’ salad with smoked orange goat cheese (without crumble). Everything was absolutely delicious and we couldn’t wait to share our dining experience with the clients and followers of Nutritional Healing.

This eclectic and chef-driven pub offers something for everyone! To learn more, check out their website, and Facebook page and make your next meal out at Mill City Public House:

1103 West College Ave, Appleton


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