Antojitos Mexicanos

Posted on Jun. 30, 2024 by The Nutritional Healing Team

Nutritionists Kimberly and Erin are back with our Nutritional Healing June restaurant review! This month, we ventured downtown Appleton to the expanded and newly renovated Antojitos Mexicanos!
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Antojitos Mexicanos

Antojitos is a family-owned Mexican restaurant serving favorites like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and tamales and some delicacies like carne asada, molcajete, and migon con camron.
The concept of Antojitos began decades ago when their mother, Angelica, began selling gorditas (like a pita) in their hometown. At the time, she was the only one selling in their area. Less than a year later, five new stands began selling gorditas, with Angelica’s always being the most popular, with the most loyal clientele.

In the late 1990’s, the family moved to Menasha. Within a couple years numerous people from our hometown residing in the Fox Cities began begging their mom for her gorditas. In 2000, she started making them out of their mobile home and became a big hit! To this day there are quite a few families that continue selling them out of their homes in the area.
It continues to amaze this family what she created and the good it spread in our community. Sadly, Angelica passed away the summer of 2022.

Her legacy continues on though. Antojitos has been serving gorditas since 2007. With their new expansion, they want to continue honoring her and will begin selling gorditas exclusively from a food truck on the weekends. While the location has not been determined yet, we will keep Angelica and Antojito’s loyal clientele informed!

The hospitality of the staff at Antojitos is welcoming from start to finish! The pride this family and staff take in the work that they do beams from their actions and smiling faces as they tell you about the menu and the fun items they have in the works from decor to menu additions!

With plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options and a plethora of authentic Mexican dishes, the menu at Antojitos will excite you. From small plates and dishes to an entire sizzling skillet, there is truly a little something for everyone. Kimberly and Erin were drawn to the “Platitos” portion of the menu. The Hibiscus Crusted Ahi and Guacamole Mexicano were absolutely delicious. The ahi was perfectly seared with a unique hibiscus crust that added a subtle floral note, while the Guacamole Mexicano was fresh, creamy, and bursting with authentic flavors. Together, they created an unforgettable dining experience.

Kimberly has known the owner Fernando Almanza for many years, and has the utmost respect for his restaurant, encouraging clients to dine and support this local business. With some of the best authentic Mexican food in the Fox Valley, we recommend making your next social dining experience right in the heart of downtown Appleton at Antojitos Mexicanos!


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