Urban Market Neenah

Posted on Jun. 22, 2024 by The Nutritional Healing Team
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Nutritionist Savanna is very excited to be scoping out some of our trusted ‘NH Approved Resources’ in the Fox Valley! We advocate for small businesses and also want to educate and direct our clients/followers on local companies that can support their health journey.

Savanna’s next stop is Urban Market Neenah – Café & Grocer – a neighborhood cafe and grocer specializing in natural, organic and locally sourced products.
Their grocery side of the market is open Tuesday – Sunday bringing you a selection of 700+ everyday items! The market offers a variety of locally sourced, organic, and natural items. We were excited to see so many ‘NH Approved’ fresh, frozen, shelf and beverage items. Not to mention better alternatives for home and body care!

Urban Market Neenah also has a cafe that is now open with fresh, whole food dishes. Even more exciting to hear is that there are gluten-free menu options! Perhaps we see another visit from Nutritional Healing in the near future for our chosen restaurant review of the month?! 😉🍽️❤️

Stay connected with them on Facebook, Instagram, and their website!


Congratulations to the owners and team on a beautiful new business. We give Urban Market Neenah our #NHapproved stamp in this community!


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