Homemade Queso

Posted on Jan. 28, 2024 by The Nutritional Healing Team
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Get game-day ready with a healthier twist on queso. This cheese dip is high in protein and full of flavor!
Traditional queso can be high in saturated fats, calories, and sodium. The use of ultra-processed ingredients and heavy cream contributes to its less-than-ideal nutritional profile. However, Kimberly’s healthier version opts for only 5 ingredients, reducing saturated fats and boosting nutritional value!

• 16-oz container organic cottage cheese
• Small can diced organic green chiles
• Small can diced organic jalapenos
• 1 clove garlic
• 1 cup organic Mexican shredded cheese

• Add cottage cheese, shredded cheese, diced green chilis, diced jalapenos, and garlic clove to a high-speed blender or food processor.
• Blend on high until the queso dip is smooth and creamy.
• Taste test and add salt, pepper, or any additional seasonings to taste.
• Enjoy as a cold dip or microwave slowly in 15 second increments until hot. Stir in between microwave sessions.
*Important note*: If you microwave the queso for too long or too quickly, it will separate- heat carefully until it’s just warm enough so that the queso stays nice and creamy!
Say goodbye to guilt and hello to delicious, nutritious snacking! Makes a wonderful melted cheese topping for veggies as well! 🧀🥦

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